# Made with πŸ’– by https://ghuntley.com after one too many CustomResourceDefinitions # Improvements welcome, mash the ↗️ Octocat ↗️ and share how YAML makes your life better. No: Body: Wants: To: Write: - YAML # πŸ€” Why YAML is the right devops technology for you πŸ€” # # - 100% test coverage, always compiles just fine with no errors or warnings, always shippable # - no enforced error handling during development because runtime "panic at the disco" in production is dope # - "something broke" is way better than stack traces with line numbers # - you need to burn hours as part of setting up a new CI pipeline # - safe choice with unquestionable industry adoption, "used by kubernetes" # - is marginally better than windows.ini # - unlike json [1][2], YAML supports comments # - no official documentation (other than a specification for implementers) is totally fine # - you need a super safe way to "execute this code" # 🍿 wait a sec, did you say "executable yaml"?? 🍿 # - https://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.4.0/libdoc/yaml/rdoc/YAML.html#module-YAML-label-Security # - https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.yaml-parse.php#refsect1-function.yaml-parse-notes # - https://securitylab.github.com/research/swagger-yaml-parser-vulnerability/ # - https://github.com/yaml/pyyaml/wiki/PyYAML-yaml.load(input)-Deprecation # 🚨 Anyone who uses YAML long enough will eventually get burned when attempting to abbreviate Norway 🚨 # `NO` is parsed as a boolean type, which with the YAML 1.1 spec, there are 22 options to write "true" or "false." # You have to wrap "NO" in quotes to get the expected result. NI: Nicaragua NL: Netherlands NO: Norway # πŸ’£! # 🚨 Anyone wondering why their first seven Kubernetes clusters deploy just fine, and the eighth fails? 🚨 - 07 - 08 # Results in [ 7, "08" ] # YAML knows that, when you have something that looks like the time of day, # what you _really_ wanted is the time of seconds since midnight timeOfDay: whatYouWrote: 04:30 # And when you parse this file and serialize it again, you get ... whatYouSurelyMeant: 16200 # Have fun debugging this one! whatYouShouldHaveWritten: !!str 04:30 # YAML is the super best way to encode Octal (tm) and learning the hard way that Kubernetes uses YAML 1.1 # is a DevOps rite of passage. Below YAML 1.2 a large integer is automatically converted to octal. - YAML 1.1 uses `0666` notation. - YAML 1.2 uses `0o666` notation # 🀒 I have recently been learning GitHub Actions # # I just made 8 commits/pushes in one hour, and the last commit message, in its entirety, was: # # "I don't really like yml" - https://twitter.com/eric_sink/status/1430954572848287744 # 😭 If SQL were built on YAML 😭 SELECT: - num - name FROM: - customers WHERE EXISTS: SELECT: - name FROM: - orders WHERE: AND: - EQUALS: - customers.num - orders.customer_num - LT: - price - 50 # Speaking of CI, did you know that 8-character SHAs could be all numbers? # If the system that parses `my.flaky_version` is typed, it will happily explode 2% of the time. my: # this will be a string ~98% of the time flaky_version: ${GIT_SHORT_SHA} # this will be a string ~100% of the time string_version: "${GIT_SHORT_SHA}" # him: "Look, I bought a box of DevOps" # her: "You can't just buy a box of DevOps" # 🀣 https://twitter.com/mike_kaufmann/status/1454712996933025794 # "Don't forget the extra line break otherwise all shit goes to hell" # πŸ‘‰ https://github.com/IronScheme/IronScheme/commit/2f847793946935bd9143cdfb064f9006f763df68 # 🀑 Doing the same thing with different CI providers 🀑 # Azure devops jobs: - job: job1 steps: - script: chmod +x ./script.sh - script: ./script.sh # CircleCI jobs: job1: steps: - checkout - run: "execute-script-for-job1" # Some future CI system, probably jobs: - steps: job1 - step1: - script: chmod +x ./script.sh - step2: - run: "execute-script-for-job1-inside-step2" # If you're building a YAML file for Cloudformation for a DashboardBody for Cloudwatch # and theres a SEARCH function? you need to escape the already-escaped and close the # whole JSON with double-quotes: "{ \"search(' var=\\\"blue\\\" . # 🍻 Overhead in a pub - The problem with YAML they did one thing well. Shitty boiler plate. Then everyone thought it was a good idea. # πŸ’Š Mega twitter thread of pain # πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/brunoborges/status/1098472238469111808 πŸ‘ˆ # πŸ“’ Mandatory reading πŸ“’ # # "Today we’re going to look at some general problems with the YAML format" # πŸ‘‰ https://arp242.net/yaml-config.html πŸ‘ˆ # # "We replaced 1,000 lines of YAML with 10 structs and people started contributing again" # πŸ‘‰ https://tinyurl.com/lessons-in-over-engineering πŸ‘ˆ # # "What if you used the same language and tools you use to define your app to define your infrastructure?" # πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/ellism/status/1008728148131733504 πŸ‘ˆ # # "A YAML file is almost always still 'valid' even if it is trunca" # πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/colmmacc/status/1057316977457324032 πŸ‘ˆ # # "the bug was that the YAML parser ignored the negative signs ... so negative GPS coordinates became positive ones" # πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/colmmacc/status/1063470541464461312 πŸ‘ˆ # # "Every YAML parser is a custom YAML parser" # πŸ‘‰ https://matrix.yaml.info/valid.html πŸ‘ˆ # # "There are 63 different ways to write multi-line strings in YAML" # πŸ‘‰ https://stackoverflow.com/a/21699210/1094085 πŸ‘ˆ # πŸ’­ Alternative options and approaches to DevOps (cough yamlops cough) πŸ’­ # - https://media.ccc.de/v/36c3-11172-leaving_legacy_behind # - https://nickel-lang.org/ # - https://dhall-lang.org/ # - https://cuelang.org/ # - https://jsonnet.org/ # - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl9I-R83lKo # - https://github.com/xtruder/kubenix/tree/kubenix-2.0/examples/nginx-deployment # - https://github.com/nin-jin/tree.d # 🏁 If you are vendor of developer tooling that is configurable via YAML, please do this 🏁 # - https://twitter.com/kzu/status/1163864030911578112 # - https://twitter.com/timeyoutakeit/status/1431052862138769408 # πŸ“– Footnotes πŸ“– # [1] You can do comments in json by `{"//": "A way to use comments in json"}` but it's icky. # [2] "Does ansible have a json schema? Yaml aint so bad with a schema."? # and finally, here's some ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ feedback from reddit.com: - I need to burn the very motherboard this site runs from. It’s that awful. - This is the worst website I've ever seen - I agree with the author in principle but that website is inexcusable. I'm going to add YAML config to my projects on Monday just to spite that horrific "website". - Wtf is this website and why does it repeatedly pop up my phone's keyboard - This Website is a giant editable textfield - Why?!? - Because it’s a good idea to demonstrate good standards while standing on one’s soapbox - The author of THAT website wants to tell the rest of us how to program. - While I agree with the spirit of the website (fuck yaml), the design decisions of the author are questionable to say the least. - The good news (I realised) was that you can select all the text of the site, and then delete it. Problem solved. - Fuck this website. Maybe if this person stopped bitching about yaml their website wouldn't blow. - Yeah, I’m not going to take advice on best practices from a guy whose website is a giant editable text field with unclickable hyperlinks. # ps. By design, this website is as usable as YAML. πŸ’•